Power Rangers Red Ranger Muscle Costume for Toddlers


Dress your little one up in this mighty Toddler Power Rangers Red Ranger Muscle Costume. This jumpsuit has a padded chest and printed details on it. Finish the look off with the headpiece.

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Ranger Under Your RoofHave you ever gotten a strange feeling that your toddler is leading a double life? We mean, sure, all toddlers are a bit two-faced. One minute they want cereal in the green bowl, and the next they have thrown it on the floor, yelling, “Not the green bowl!” Yeesh. But that’s not what we mean. Your child seems to have a secret. Something big. And you’re on a mission to find out what it is. Then one day you open their closet and there it is, this Toddler Power Rangers Red Ranger Muscle Costume! Aha! So, you’ve had a little Power Ranger living under your roof this whole time, and you didn’t even know it. That explains why your child is so strong and agile, why they aren’t afraid of their older siblings, and why they are so cooperative. They understand teamwork and take great pride in protecting your home. How cool! You must feel very safe knowing you have a real Red Ranger down the hall!Design & DetailsThis jumpsuit makes suiting up super simple, thanks to its hook and loop closure at the back. It includes soft-sculpted padding to give the appearance of muscles, and the attached belt has the plastic Power Rangers buckle that makes it official. A foam mask allows for vision — very important if you’re a ranger — and makes your kiddo look just like the real deal!Halloween HeroNow that you know that your child is, indeed, the Red Ranger, you can let them patrol the neighborhood this Halloween. Maybe they’ll stop a bad guy or prevent a disaster. Or maybe they’ll just come home laden with mini chocolate bars!  

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