Kid’s Bumblebee Soft Costume Hat


Accessorize your costume perfectly with this adorable Kids Bumblebee Soft Costume Hat. This hat has the classic yellow and black bumblebee stripes on it with two antennas sticking out the top of it.

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The Power to FlowerWhat do we want? Pollinators! When do we want ’em? Now! Last week we went to a flower march and it was invigorating, to say the least. These posies and pansies were worried for good reason. They’ve been noticing that there have been fewer and fewer bumbling bees distributing their pollen over the years. Now, were these tiny voices easy to take seriously? No. It was way too cute and creepy. But it was easy to understand the importance of their message all the same. We are on our way to plant more bee-friendly plants in our garden at this very moment. In the meantime, let’s make the flowers happy and show them we heard their teeny high-pitched shouts with this bumblebee hat!Product DetailsThis soft hat just might become a fast favorite in your child’s dress-up wardrobe. The comfy fabric has bright black and yellow stripes with chilled-out eyes on the front and a shiny stinger in the back (after all, a bee’s gotta defend himself!). Wiggly antennae jut out from the top to let your child’s bee character easily find more flowers to pollinate. Perfect for school reports, plays, Earth Day, and costume parties, your child will find plenty of reasons to transform into a powerful pollinator once this hat arrives!

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