Harley Clown Costume Gloves


This is a pair of Harley Clown Gloves with one red glove and one black glove. These gloves are the perfect finishing touch to your devious clown costume this Halloween.

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Are you ready to go on a rampage in your city? We’re sure that picking up a mischievous costume will let you spread mayhem throughout your town, but if you want to become a top villain and rule the crime world with style, you’re going to need a signature look. There’s quite a few costumes that intimidate and impress, but our money is on a harlequin costume…it’s is a sure bet. And for the full effect you’re going to want to make sure that you’re decked out in high-fashion clown apparel from head to toe–fingers most definitely included!Sporting an enticing jester look is sure to help you rise to the top ranks of the crime syndicate, and these Harley Clown gloves will help you complete your comic book villain style. All polyester construction with a Hook and Loop fastener strip for fit, this glove set is sure to make an alluring addition to your black and red Harley costume. With a red glove for your left hand and a black glove for your right hand, you’ll be able to finish your devious look with just the right fashion touch. Because you’re not going to want to leave any doubts in the minds of your victims as to who their assailant was. That’s what having a wicked sense of style is all about!

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