Women’s Riverdale Veronica Cosplay Dress


This is a dress from the series Riverdale that will have you looking like Veronica for your Halloween escapade. Grab your Riverdale Veronica Cosplay Dress today!

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No Longer a Mean GirlAfter her father is imprisoned, Veronica Lodge and her mother move from New York to Riverdale. From the moment viewers of the CW show meet Veronica, they see a girl who is determined to change for the better and make her way in the world. While she does struggle with her past, she finds friends in Riverdale (looking at you, Betty Cooper!) who help her work through her internal struggles and move towards her goals. Bright, confident, and well-spoken, this is a girl with real charisma. Channel the teen’s sophisticated style in this Riverdale Veronica Cosplay Dress, and see where it takes you!Product DetailsDark, simple, and elegant, this little black dress is 100% Veronica, though and through. The short dress features lace on the top section and sleeves, while the skirt is regular fabric. The white collar accent is another signature Veronica move and features a small bow, as well as the word Riverdale written on the left lapel. Pair with stylish black heels and whatever other accessories you find appropriate. A pearl necklace would be a nice touch, as Veronica often wears one from her father. She also wears a black cape several times in the show, which would add a great touch of drama!Calm Mind, Fiery Tongue From working her way through her father’s shady business deals to dealing with her nemesis Cheryl Blossom, Veronica carries herself with a calmness that isn’t weakness; it’s a sign of her growing maturity. Woe to anyone who gets into an argument with her! Honestly, this teen turned business woman/loyal friend/bold feminist is #goals. Anybody with us? Show your love for this Riverdale queen at your next costumed event. Not only will you be repping a favorite show, but you’ll look amazing doing it!

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