IT Pennywise Flip Down Beanie


Become Pennywise with the IT Pennywise Flip Down Beanie. Flip down this beanie and become the clown himself!

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Terror Transforms YouOnce you meet Pennywise on the screen, you don’t forget IT. Those who grew up when the made for tv mini-series came out remember glimpsing scarring scenes such as blood bubbling up from the bathroom sink or an eerie clown standing in the swampy Barrens. We all wondered about that clown. Once we got old enough to either sneak away and watch the movie for ourselves or see the 2017 version of the classic Stephen King epic, we understood why that clown had stuck with us for so long! Now that we understand Pennywise’s power, we want to take it on.Product DetailsTransform yourself into this ageless monster with this flip-down beanie. The cap features an image of Pennywise on the front. when you want to transform, the brim flips down over your face, showing Pennywise’s features. A mesh screen over the eyes allows you to see through the eyes of the evil creature. The perfect hat to start wearing during the Halloween season and through winter to keep you cozy and looking cruel!Derry DramaAre you ready to bring a little more terror into your wardrobe? This cap will allow you to transform into Pennywise at a moment’s notice. Just try and steer clear of  Derry, Maine. Those kids have been through enough!

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