Toddler Buttercup Princess Bride Peasant Dress Costume


She’ll look just as sweet as the real Princess Buttercup in this licensed Princess Bride Buttercup Peasant Dress costume for toddlers.

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AS YOU WISHAlthough you’re not living under Prince Humperdinck’s rule (thank goodness), there are a few parallels between your life and the plot in The Princess Bride.As a devoted parent, (you’re doing a great job, mom and dad), a majority of your busy life is spent making sure your little princess is happy and well-cared for. This is an endless job that takes up most of the day, every day of the week. Every morning before she leaves to catch the school bus, you make sure she has a healthy lunch packed and her bookbag full of the necessary supplies for her day. You also make sure her hair is brushed and she’s dressed properly for the weather. If she calls from school needing something, you say “As you wish”, drop everything you’re working on, and drive to the school to give her whatever she wants. In a way, you’re Westley and your little one is Princess Buttercup. It’s a fitting costume since your princess has a lot of demands and you love filling them. Use this costume as one-half of an adorable daughter/parent costume, perfect for parents born in the 80’s. DESIGN & DETAILS The officially licensed Made by Us costume is an exclusive design, you can only find right here. The Princess Bride toddler Buttercup costume comes with two pieces, the dress and coordinating belt. The red dress features a peasant-style with belled sleeves, fitted cuffs, and a mandarin collar. The draped red fabric hangs to the floor in true gown-like fashion while the golden brocade ribbon-style belt cinches around the waist to complete the look. COSTUME ROYALTYGo down in the Halloween picture hall of fame. Outfit your daughter in this costume and wear our officially licensed Westley costume to turn the spookiest season into a happily ever after.  

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