Adult Haunted House Halloween Sweater


Don’t let Christmas have all the fun, start that Ugly Halloween sweater trend when you wear this Haunted House Halloween Sweater. This red sweater features a haunted house on the front with other spooky touches like a full moon, bats and a wailing tree.

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Last SoundsWhat was that noise? Just the wind. It must have been the wind. It couldn’t have been the ghastly moan of a wayward soul looking to torment the living. The wind makes noises that sound exactly like that all of the time. And it couldn’t have possibly been the growls of a hideous monster, trudging through the hallways, looking to exact his revenge on humankind. Right. The wind. Yeah, the wind can make some funny sounds sometimes… heh. It’s definitely not the screeches and howls of a swarm of bats, returning to their vampire master after a night of villainous deeds. It couldn’t be that. Say, why did we decide to explore this creepy old haunted house again… ?Design & DetailsThe first rule of Halloween? Don’t go skulking around inside of old houses that are obviously haunted. Rule number two? Keep yourself cozy by wearing this Haunted House Halloween Sweater! The comfy sweater is made of a cotton and acrylic blend, so it’ll have no problem keeping you warm, whether you’re headed to a costume party… or you decide to break the first rule and head to a haunted house. The sweater has knit-in graphics of a haunted house scene with plenty of little nods to classic haunted house tropes. See if you can spot them all!

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