Lion Kids Deluxe Costume


Roar! Your child will be ferocious while wearing this Kid’s Deluxe Lion Costume. Let out their inner lion and dress your child in this adorable costume. It features a lion jumpsuit with a full mane headpiece, paws, and tail.

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Part of the PrideDon’t get us wrong, it would be cool to see any exotic wildlife on an African safari. But what’s the most exciting animal on a safari? While we love a zebra’s stripes and the long neck of a giraffe, those animals just like to stand around in packs, munching on grass. The coolest animal is definitely a lion. They rule the place! You won’t ever just find them standing around eating grass.Design & DetailsIf your little one wants to stalk and stretch like the big cats of the African plains, there’s nothing like this cozy costume to make him feel the part. This jumpsuit has a tawny color and a soft, faux fur texture. Any child will love pretending to be a lion with the mitts, while roaring in the shaggy mane headpiece! With golden boot covers over your child’s shoes and a hairy tipped tail, your child is sure to remain in character as long as they’re wearing this costume!Call of the WildWhen your child is acting all crazy and running around the house, have you entertained the thought: “I’ve somehow raised a wild animal?” Well, there’s nothing wrong with that! it’s great to be wild and free as a youngster. Let your child look the part with our Toddler Deluxe Lion Costume. It will transform any little boy or girl into a ferocious beast and while they’re pouncing on the furniture and roaring their mightiest roar, you’ll know that they’re making memories and developing a healthy imagination. So, whether you’re looking for a fun Halloween ensemble, or just another piece in the playtime wardrobe, this lion costume for kiddos like yours will serve you well! And don’t be embarrassed about your wild thing, after all, the lion is the best beast to spot while on safari!

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