Dragon Ball Super Red Scouter


Finish off your henchman costume with the Dragon Ball Super Red Scouter. Be able to find your enemies easier when you use your scouter and find the Dragon Balls as well.

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Power Through ItWhenever Vegeta gets knocked down, he gets back up again. Whenever Goku dies, he finds some way to come right back to life. Whenever Piccolo loses and arm, he just regrows it. These heroes all share that same sense of resiliency and tenacity that is just lacking in their henchman!The poor stooges that Vegeta surrounds himself with are simply not able to compete at the same level as the Super Saiyans, and sometimes it is in their benefit not to get back up. It is even better for them to avoid any fights with anybody of a higher power level than them! That is why these scouters are an indispensable part of any henchman’s equipment.Saiyan a Lot About YouIf you also need to find out how the people around you rate in terms of power level, then you will love having this Dragon Ball Super Red Scouter. The plastic headband will cinch securely but comfortable over your head, holding the readout at a good distance from your eye. The targeting reticle on the readout will make you feel like you are taking stock of those around you, which will add tons of believability when you exclaim that their power level is impossible! No one could have a power level that high!

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