Adult Wolf Costume Kit


Are you going to be scary or just a little bit of a fairy tale, either way the Adult Wolf Costume Kit is the perfect starter for your next costume idea.

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A Simple Kind of WolfWe love simple. Don’t get us wrong, some of the greatest costumes are big and complex, with tons of pieces and accessories. But sometimes, you just want something that’s quick and easy to put together. This Wolf Costume Kit for adults fits that bill quite nicely! You can just pair it up with any gray shirt to join the wolf pack (and save yourself some time putting together a big, complicated costume).Design & DetailsThis kit comes with a headband and a tail. Each piece has high pile plush fur made out of synthetic fibers. The headband comes with attached pointy ears. The tail has a metal clip, which can be attached to the waist of most pants. That means all you have to do is pair this up with your favorite outfit and you can instantly transform into a wolf. Now, that’s what we call easy!

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