Panda Plush Headband & Paws Kit


This Panda Plush Headband & Paws Kit is the perfect finishing touch for your child’s Panda costume. Dress up as your favorite furry friend and accessorize the costume with this adorable plush headband and paws set.

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Snacking enthusiasts wantedWouldn’t it be nice to relax all day and just munch on veg? Pandas, as the ultimate eaters for up to sixteen hours a day, have a pretty great life. They’re perfectly camouflaged in their forest environment. Their white spots blend into the snow and the black patches help them blend into the shadows. Their bodies are made for snacking. Their hands have an extended wrist bone that they use to help them grip food. Do you have a regular snacker on your hands? In that case, this panda costume is pretty perfect for your next costumed event!Product DetailsThis furry panda kit will help you transform into this classic, majestic creature. The set includes a sculpted panda headband with sweet, sensitive eyes and a furry black and white texture. The panda mitts have a distinct white paw pattern to add some extra panda charm. The mitts have a free thumb for better snacking dexterity. Bamboo ReplacementOk, it’s asking a lot to get humans to chomp down on bamboo. Instead, pick another long, crunchy vegetable such as celery, carrots, and kohlrabi sticks. And to be honest, it’s asking a lot to snack 16 hours a day. But you can embrace all your other panda attributes when you slip this panda kit on for your next costume party!

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