Women’s Holographic Butterfly Wings


Fly into your next Halloween party or strut your stuff at the next music festival! Everyone is sure to notice your exclusive Women’s Holographic Butterfly Wings!

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Futuristic ForestWhat would the forest feel like if it had a few futuristic updates? What if, instead of just unfolding and waiting for pollinators, flowers would send out little sparkles as they bloomed? And what if the rest of the forest creatures harmonized with the babble of a brook, creating songs that everyone couldn’t help but dance to? Each clearing of the forest could be home to vines that tired passersby could easily use as a comfortable hammock to hang out in. The tree canopy could be full of iridescent, translucent leaves, creating a stained glass effect on the trails below. We’re pretty sure this forest doesn’t exist but if it did, this holographic butterfly look would look right at home flitting under its strange and beautiful branches!Design & DetailsOur in-house designers felt a drive for a sexy, modern take on the classic butterfly wings when they came up with the idea of this unique pair of costume wings. The look maintains a futuristic look throughout with sleek, sparkly material holding together the iridescent color accents and a wet-look pleather halter holding the wings close to your body. The straps of both the harness and the waist cincher are adjustable. Make your flighty look futuristic with color and style that’ll surely have you flying high!

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