Toddler Crow Costume


Is your little one a fan a screeching loudly to get your attention? Then they are ready to put on this toddler crow costume and lend it some realistic crow attitude!

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Little kids want to be all kinds of things when they grow up. Some want to be astronauts, or ballerinas, or famous TV stars. We wanted to be professional ice cream testers, until we found out how much ice cream they actually have to eat. If your kiddo wants to be a bird when they grow up, get them our exclusive Toddler Crow Costume, so they can try it out first!There are plenty of types of birds out there in the animal kingdom, so it may seem strange to go straight to a crow costume. Why not a pretty robin, or a striking blue jay, or even a swift and graceful falcon? Nah, crows have got all of those other birds beat! For starters, crows are smart. They use tools to get food, have pretty good vocabularies (although, it mostly sounds like squawks and caws to us humans), and even play games. Crows also have bold, black feathers, which are hard to miss. And on top of all that, they love collecting shiny things, so if your little one gets a kick out of finding shiny stuff around the house, this is definitely their kind of bird!Transforming into a crow couldn’t be easier with this black, zip-up tunic and headpiece. The tunic features rounded, sewn on flaps to resemble feathered wings, and the pointed hood is shaped like a beak, with big yellow eyes fixed to the sides. Complete your little one’s bird-like style with black or yellow leggings, and they’ll be all ready for their maiden flight! 

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