Giant Anime Bow Black


Be yourself this Halloween. Your animated self! The Giant Anime Bow Black lets you become your own unique anime character. Who’s better than yourself!

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Adventure is CallingAre you ready for an epic adventure this Halloween? Well, before you take off you need to have the right look. Some may think you have to be a knight in shining armor. Others would assume you have to be dressed up as some sort of spelunking explorer. They’d all be wrong. We all know, according to anime, all you need before heading off on a heroic quest is a Giant Black Bow!Product DesignThanks to modern technology we have this amazing thing called foam. This foam is what will help your giant black bow hold its perky shape at all times. While you are out and about, feel free to tell everyone that it’s the power of friendship that helps maintain the bow’s shape. Just know deep down that it is thanks to the miracle that is foam. Aside from the foam, this black satin bow will be held securely on top of your head with the help of an elastic band.No Side Characters HereOversized accessories are all the rage in the anime community. If your hair isn’t a vibrant color and your accessories aren’t ridiculous, we hate to break the news to you but you are not a main character. Make sure you’re the star this Halloween with the help of this big ol’ black bow!

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