Women’s Deluxe Harley Quinn Costume


Take over the mantle of the clown princess of crime with this Women’s Deluxe Harley Quinn Costume. This officially licensed and exclusive made costume is perfect for Halloween.

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Say It With a Smile!Hey there, puddin’! The classic clown princess of crime, AKA Dr. Harleen Quinzel, AKA Harley Quinn, is a supervillain with style. Although her look has changed over the years, her red-and-black jumpsuit from Batman: The Animated Series is one that is instantly recognizable. Nobody can stay mad when the mad jester shows up on the scene with a smile! Is the scene a party? Is it the scene of a crime? That’s completely up to you.Product DetailsThis is an officially licensed costume made exclusively for us, which means you won’t have to worry about DC fanboys pointing out imaginary inaccuracies. You’re wearing the real thing! A red-and-black jumpsuit means you can slip right in and spend the night in both style and comfort. A classic jester hood and frilled white collar give you the freedom to dress up or down as needed. Complete the look with matching red and white gloves, white ruffled wrist cuffs, and slip-on boot tops, which are also included. This deluxe costume comes with everything you need to create your own origin story. It’s quality enough to wear over and over again, and with its slick jumpsuit design, it’s easy to slip on and off whenever crime calls.Rev Up Your Harley!Harley Quinn is always at the top of popular comic book characters, and one of those reasons is her sense of style. Stealing some of that style is the only theft that won’t result in lighting up the Bat Signal.

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