Underworld Robe Costume for Kids


Everyone will soon feel the flame of the Underworld when you wear this Kid’s Underworld Robe Costume for Halloween this year! Wow, it’s actual very nice and warm! Who knew!

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Did Somebody Say Fire?Fire makes everything scarier. It’s true! Take the human skeleton, for example. Nothing scary about that. It’s just a wonder of human anatomy that most of us need in order to function. Those big ol’ bones help protect your inner organs and help you walk around. Sure, the human skull is a tiny bit macabre-looking, but really it’s more awesome than frightening. Now, imagine, if you will, a human skeleton, walking towards you… but it’s entirely in flames. That image almost seems like something straight from the depths of the underworld! Did a chill just run down your spine? Did you shudder at the mere thought of it!Well, this Underworld Robe Costume adds a coat of fire to the classic skeleton, ensuring that you and your family never feel the same about human anatomy again!Product DetailsThis simple costume transforms your child into a fiery resident of the underworld! It’s a light-weight robe that your child can wear over normal clothes. Of course, it’s not just any old robe. It has a human skeleton printed on the front and sides, along with orange flames everywhere! Any child who puts it on will look as though they’ve burst into flames! It’s truly a terrifying look that can put a fright into friends and family alike at the next costume party.The Customizable Flame!If your child wants a unique look this Halloween, then this costume is a great place to start. The simple style makes it easy to customize to any taste. Do they want to be the Grim Reaper, bathed in flames? Then just add one of our scythe accessories to the look. Do they want the full-on skeletal look? Then give one of our skull makeup kits a try!

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