Raccoon Plush Headband & Tail Accessory Kit


Dig through a dumpster or have some fun on the town with this Raccoon Plush Headband & Tail Kit. You’ll be in costume cutely and quickly!

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The Raccoon WaySo, you or someone you love are interested in following the ways of the raccoon? Congratulations! This furry lifestyle has a trashy reputation due to the animal’s love of, well, trash but there’s so much more than scavenging in alleyways to learn about. For instance, raccoons love washing their food. If you’re trying to teach your kiddo to wash their fruits and veggies before eating them, there’s no better influence than the nimble-handed raccoon. Secondly, raccoons know how to take pleasure in the little things. People have found raccoons bouncing on their backyard trampolines and sunbathing on decks. Plus, they’re resourceful! When they see an opportunity to feast, they take it! Want to connect to your inner raccoon? Well, this plush headband and tail kit is a great place to start!Product DetailsThis fuzzy headband fits a variety of sized heads, making it a great staple for your kid’s dress-up clothes wardrobe. The tail hooks on to the belt loops or belts with a loop that easily secures with a strip of hook and loop fastener. Transform into your favorite scavenger in less than a minute. Now all you gotta do is work on that fabulous raccoon night vision!

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