Dinosaur Train Toddler Buddy Costume


Make every day an adventure in learning with the Dinosaur Train toddler Buddy costume. The Pteranodon family won’t hesitate to take him along on their next wild trip.

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Back in the stone age, inquisitive kids like us had to guess how to say the names of all the dinosaurs we read about in books. Parasaurolophus? Zhejiangopterus? Even our parents struggled with tongue-tying words like those! That’s why we’re so glad that Buddy the Tyrannosaurus is here to help kids learn the ins and outs of the Mesozoic Era, and teach us how to pronounce all of those pesky prehistoric monikers!And if your child loves to watch Buddy and his travels on the Dinosaur Train as much as we do, they’re probably a huge fan of the lovable T-Rex’s bright orange-and-blue coloration and his curiosity about the most amazing creatures ever to walk the Earth. So we’re pleased to offer this adorable jumpsuit set, which includes everything you’ll need to make your budding paleontologist look just like their favorite cuddly carnivore!The three-part outfit includes a detailed dino-head hood and features a plush tail as well as sleeves that end in the distinctive double claws of a T-Rex. You don’t need to understand the word hypothesis to see that Buddy’s toothy grin belongs to a friendly reptile rather than the nightmarish monsters that dinosaurs are sometimes made out to be. That makes this a great option for toddlers who love to learn (but don’t like scary surprises).Whether it’s for trick-or-treating or some imaginative play with their adoptive pteranodon siblings, this cheerful costume is sure to lift your child’s spirits and fuel their interest in the wide variety of fascinating dinosaur species!

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