Women’s Scary Clown Poncho Costume


Prepare to scare with this Women’s Scary Clown Poncho Costume. Definitely not the type of clown you invite to a kid’s birthday party.

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Ponchos are ScaryHave you ever been afraid of a poncho? We have. Yeah, we know it sounds completely crazy. Ponchos are so innocuous, that it seems like it would be impossible for anyone to fear them, but let us tell you something. Ponchos can be very scary.Sure, they’re light and airy, making them a comfortable garment to wear in various types of weather. And yes, they’re super easy to put on. But don’t let that fool you on this important subject. Have you ever seen a murderous clown wearing one? Yeah, we once saw a freaky clown walking down the street wearing one and we have never looked at ponchos in the same light again. That’s also why this Scary Clown Poncho Costume tends to give us a few frightening flashbacks whenever we see it.Product DetailsNow, if you’re looking for the most frightening clown costume around, then look no further than this poncho. It’s made out of a lightweight fabric that has a black and white diamond pattern on one side with a solid black half on the other. The collar has a black and white polka dot pattern to contrast. The lack of vibrant color creates a dreary and creepy look. Of course, every clown, even scary ones, need a few pom poms and this poncho has 3 of them down the front. The hemline is scalloped and even features additional pom poms at each point. Just slip it on and you’ll be ready to transform into the scariest clown in town.Poncho PhobiaIf you really want this poncho to have a frightening effect on your victims, then you’ll want to accessorize! The simplicity of this outfit lends itself well to customization, so be sure to check out our various face paints, faux blood, and clown wigs to flesh out your look. Do it right and you may just give a few more people a new phobia of ponchos.

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