Grey Werewolf Mask


You don’t need a full moon to transform into a vicious flesh eating creature. Simply slip into a Grey Werewolf Mask, run screaming into the night and maul the first person you see. You may be arrested for assault but at least you would have felt the power

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So, we totally know what a pain it is to go through a full werewolf transformation. If you unleash the beast you’ll have to go through the painful process of spontaneously sprouting a luxurious silver coat. Your ears and fingers will have to grow. Teeth will get pointy. Your vocabulary’s going to go down the tube. And don’t even get us started on the whole nose-to-snout thing… yeah. What a mess.Why not save yourself the trouble of excruciating pain? If you buy yourself our Grey Werewolf Mask, you transformation will be as easy as pulling on a hood and presto! Wolf man. It’s got the teeth, the nose, the ears, and of course the shaggy grey fur. It’s everything a budding werewolf might need. That’s definitely something worth howling about.

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