Single Curl Munchkin Wig


Accessorize your munchkin costume with a Single Curl Munchkin Wig. This adorable wig is perfect for kids or adults!

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Well, well, well, little munchkin, you’ve sure got a lot to celebrate. The witch is dead, the wicked witch! It’s a good thing you’ve got your Single Curl Munchkin wig because It’s now time to welcome the new girl, she brings you good news, or haven’t you heard when she fell out of Kansas a miracle occurred. For she is the one who set your people free in Munchkinland, you’ll thank her very sweetly for she did it very neatly!Don’t be fooled by thinking this Single Curl Orange Wig is only for little munchkins, this wig can fit both children and adults. That’s right, you and your little munchkin can finally win that best dressed contest in this creative costume accessory. Just throw it on and follow the yellow brick road, you’re sure to have a ball!