Girl’s Haunted Beauty Costume


Not all ghosts are hideous and scary–they can be beautiful. Just look at this Girls Haunted Beauty Costume!

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Shhh… did you hear that? It sounded like little feet dashing around the house, and chains being rattled in a haunting fashion. Well, we don’t want to jump to conclusions, but it sounds like your little one might be having some spooky fun in this Haunted Beauty Costume! Either that, or you may have a real ghost problem…Now that we mention it, what is it about chains that ghosts find so great? They’re always wandering around with clanking chains and tattered dresses flowing around them, which is making our spines tingle just thinking about it! You never hear of them going about their paranormal business with a bag of ghostly feathers to toss in the air, or spinning a haunted hula hoop around. At first, it would be weird to see a hula-hooping specter (not that we know from experience), and after the weirdness wore off, she would look just as terrifying as every other ghost. But, when a phantom shows up dragging a few cold, rattling chains behind them, they have a knack for spreading chills to everyone as soon as they see them!Hopefully, you won’t be too frightened by your little haunting beauty when she’s wearing this spook-tacular costume, since it comes with plastic chains rather than ghostly real ones. Though, we totally understand if the eerie looking mesh veil and frilled hood and sleeve streamers still give you the shivers when you see her. Add a ghastly white wig and some pale costume makeup to complete this otherworldly look, and hopefully this is the only ghost you have this Halloween…

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