Adult Black Plague Doctor Costume


ACHOO! Excuse me! Save yourself from miasma with the Adult Black Plague Doctor Costume. Gown up and treat some plague patients with the Adult Black Plague Doctor Costume!

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A Sickening SightImagine you’re a happy peasant in Medieval England, happily working long hours at your local bog to collect peat, pitch, and resin for your beloved autocrat, Richard the Lionheart. Normally, working amid swarms of midges, mites, and mosquitos is no bother at all, but today, for whatever reason, you just don’t feel all that great. Well, lucky for you, there just so happens to be a doctor in town! You imagine he’ll give you a nice lozenge and a doctor’s note for your boss, but then you see him- a towering, dark figure with the face of a crow!Anyone’s first thought in this situation would probably be, “oh no, the Grim Reaper!” But no! It is just your friendly neighborhood physician under that horrifying mask and cloak. After giving you that lozenge and assuring you that your “humors” are well-balanced, he’ll send you on your way, right back to work. There’ll be no day off for you, peasant!On the BeakYou’ll strike an intimidating figure in this surprisingly comfortable, black hooded robe and mask. You will feel like you’re wrapped in a warm, cozy blanket, and the mask obscuring your face means that no one will know if you take advantage of the situation to enjoy a quick nap.Not for Real DoctorsIn the interest of safety, we wish to warn all surgeons, doctors, and healers of any kind that this plague doctor costume is not rated for use in any kind of medical setting. Something about the loose robes and crazy mask being neither sterile nor easy to clean, blah blah blah. You’ve been warned!

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