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Become a powerful Voodoo priestess in this Women’s Plus Size Voodoo Magic Costume. Spark some voodoo magic with the Women’s Plus Voodoo Magic Costume.

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Queen of CreepyJust like any other queen, you’re the ruler of your domain. The thing is, your domain is just a little bit different than every other queen’s kingdom. You don’t have a throne room or stuffy courtiers. The realm you rule over is just a little more mysterious. Instead of a castle, you rule from a cozy cabin in the woods. While people might come to the Queen complaining about taxes or property rights, the problems you deal with are a lot more interesting. You rule over broken hearts, broken promises, and lost love. With charms like these, we’d say you’re more powerful than any other sovereign we’ve ever heard of!Product DetailsThis Voodoo costume is rich with magical details. Standing up the Made by Us quality, this costume features a snakeskin pattern vest layered under a long, black jacket that would look right at home as you’re emerging from the rugged swamplands. The mystical look is enhanced with the accessories layered over top. A monkey hand necklace falls over your ensemble while the bone belt wraps around your waist. The top hat assembles to reveal an all-knowing eye and a maroon wrap that brings the whole look together!A Look that Lurks with YouWe might spend to much time with Halloween costumes by we have a theory. The costume that you choose for this holiday might set a tone for the weeks and months ahead. If this is so, this powerful and magical costume might just make you feel more powerful in the weeks to come. Go ahead and dive in completely. Paint your face, accessorize with the skull staff, and bless your friends and family with the most mystical version of yourself. You knew you had it in you all along, it’s about time everyone else found out!

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