Dragon Quest Sword Prop


Don’t miss out on adding this Dragon Quest Basic Sword Prop to your costume this Halloween. Makes the perfect costume accessory if you have plans for a quest on Halloween night!

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Can A Pen Do That?Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never held a sword. Now you can be the mightiest warrior at the costume parties when you complete your costume with this Dragon Quest Basic Sword Prop. The blade looks to be freshly forged by the greatest blacksmith in the land. The hilt is a beautiful combination of shimmering gold and a bold navy blue.When you walk around with this remarkable replica, you’ll get plenty of looks. People will wonder if you’re some sort of hero. Perhaps you went on some marvelous adventure and had to pull this blade from a stone, like the legendary Excalibur! Well, that will all depend on the costume you choose. Go out as a knight from medieval days. Dress up as one of your favorite video game characters. Every costume is better with a sword. You can even dress up as a random historical figure or an alien. No matter what you dress up as for Halloween, when you add this sword to your costume, you’ll be the mightiest person in the room.Product DetailsThis toy sword is made of plastic. The blade is shining silver and the hilt is painted navy blue and gold.

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