Girl’s Gargoyle Costume


You are sure to achieve a very terrifying look with this awesomely detailed Girl’s Gargoyle Costume. Just a reminder, sitting perched at the top of a very big tower is dangerous.

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IT’S ELEMENTARY!Gargoyles are one of those mysterious creatures that we can find on our architecture and amidst our literature, yet they still leave us a little baffled about what they actually are. Some history might say that they were put together to give a really gothic look to a building while also making sure that they could direct rain along a given path. (Can’t have an epic and spooky looking building come apart because of something simple like some falling water, right?) But, the truth is so much greater. The gargoyles were all conjured here by blending mighty elemental powers of earth, air, water, and fire! Their stony appearance is pretty obvious evidence of earth magic at work. They way that they can dart and move with liquid speed is proof of their watery connection. (Plus that whole controlling rain on buildings thing, remember?) They’ve got wings. So… there’s air stuff right there! And fire. Umm. Well… PRODUCT DETAILSWe realize that the reason gargoyles are always stuck to buildings is that there isn’t enough fire in them to keep them active! Now, if there is anyone out there with some real fire in their spirit, we know it is going to be your kiddo, so we’re glad to offer you this gloriously gruesome Gargoyle costume. It is a printed jumpsuit made to look like speckled stone and has wire frame wings to really help your kiddo soar. The constructed mask gives your tyke the ghoulish appearance of old, gothic times to complete this magical transformation. A MAGICAL TIMEYou won’t need to perform any complicated mystical rituals to conjure up an elemental creature when you have this Gargoyle costume at the ready. Your kiddo is going to love feeling like this gothic monster. But, don’t worry… we’re pretty sure that they won’t be taking off into the skies too soon. 

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