Plus Size Women’s Regal Maiden Costume


Show off your love of history with our Plus Size Women’s Regal Maiden Costume! This purple floor length dress features a faux corset bodice with gold accents.

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Good Morrow, Fair Maiden!Oh, to be a beautiful maiden in Shakespeare’s time. You might think their lives were dull if you just looked at historic paintings, but they were actually always having adventures! Portia in The Merchant of Venice dresses up like a man, pretends to be a lawyer, and saves the life of her love during a dramatic court case. Miranda in The Tempest was banished to a desert island and had to deal with a literal monster and a sketchy wizard. (We’ll let you guess which one ended up being her dad!) Viola in Twelfth Night got shipwrecked, disguised herself as her brother… and still managed to land the guy, too!Obviously, these ladies are no shrinking violets! So it’s no wonder that you want to dress up like one for your next costume party. We can’t help you with Ye Olde English—we barely passed high school English, and that was with modern words and emojis—but we can definitely help you dress the part in this Plus Size Women’s Regal Maiden Costume.Design & DetailsNow, in Ye Olde England, noblewomen’s outfits came in a bunch of separate pieces: the sleeves, bodice, ruff, skirt, and underskirt were all separate! But our Made By Us team wanted to save you time while still sporting a traditional look. This costume features a regal purple gown and intricate details. The inside panel is a lighter purple, while the outer edges are dark, crushed velvet-like material. There’s a beautiful cream trim along the edges and encircling the sleeves in the middle, while there’s also lace trim at the front and along the sleeves.All The World’s a Stage!Be sure that all attention is directed right to you in this regal Renaissance look. Whether you’re stepping on the stage at the Globe Theater or just going to a local costume party, you’re sure to be the star of the show!

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