Medieval Maiden Costume for Women


You’ll be the fair maiden whom every knight wants to rescue when you arrive at your party wearing this Womens Medieval Maiden Costume!

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A Normal FantasyIt started off like any other day: You tidied up your cottage, spun some on your spinning wheel, fed your animals, and headed to your garden to pluck any troublesome weeds. But as you labored over a particularly stubborn weed, you heard it: the warning bell. Something terrible was coming. Before you could run back into the safety of your cottage, a shadow fell across your garden. You looked up, horror welling up inside you—it was a dragon! You tried to run, but it swooped down from the sky and grabbed you in its talons, hauling you hundreds of feet in the air. All you could do was scream for help.Thankfully, your screams caught the attention of a nearby knight, and he raced to your rescue. You could see him galloping on his noble steed, following you to the dragon’s lair. Relief washed over you as one thought overrode all others:“Thank goodness I wore my good dress today.”Product DetailsObviously, it would never do to be rescued looking like a farmer! When you’re a damsel in distress, you’ve got to look your best when your knight in shining armor arrives. That’s why we recommend always stepping out in this Womens Medieval Maiden Costume. The scarlet pullover dress has a cape attached at the shoulder seams, metallic gold braid trim and puffed sleeves, along with a scoop neckline with a ruffled elastic edge and a plastic gold filigree pin with an faux oval gem at the center. It also comes with a foam headpiece that ties around the head with a gold braid.No matter what medieval monster you find yourself facing, this dress guarantees you’ll always look your best!

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