Women’s Colonial Dress Costume


Whether you are headed to a costumed historical event or Halloween party, we’ve got you covered with our Women’s Colonial Dress Costume! This outfit features a full length dress with pink and yellow flowers in an all over pattern over a light pink backgro

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A Different Kind of Spin ClassWhen Jenny showed up for Colonial Spin Class, she was shocked. Where were the bikes? Why was everyone wearing full-length dresses instead of yoga pants? While Jenny didn’t get the full-body workout she came for, she was blown away by how fun it was to sit at a spinning wheel and make yarn while catching up on pre-revolutionary gossip. What was Goody Tailor thinking wearing scarlet to Sunday services? The Johnsons purchased yet another ox and haven’t even sold their wheat crop yet. Captain Emanuel Downing was planning on coming to the country dance to the excitement of every unmarried young lady in town! At the end of the two-hour class, Jenny had decided that she was definitely going to return. Next time, though, she was going to be dressed for the occasion!Design & DetailsThis historic costume was designed by our in house creative team. Since it’s Made By Us, it’s been designed with longevity in mind, making it a great pick for theaters, schools, and history enthusiasts who want to dress up again and again. The lovely pink floor-length gown has buttons down the front of the bodice, a modest square neckline trimmed in ruffles, and a crisp off-white apron attached to the waistline. The three-quarter sleeves bring a little of the 1700s to life while the bonnet and shawl will make you ready to stroll into the town square, or spinning class, whatever suits you best!Cottage CoreJenny knows what to expect when she shows up to Colonial Spin Class now and while she wears a full-length dress in the morning while she’s at the wheel, she’s convinced her historical-enthusiast friends to join her later in the day for a little open-air yoga in the meadow. Talk about the best of both worlds!

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