Skunk Toddler Costume


Your little one will be the cutest ‘stinker’ out there, in our Toddler Skunk Costume. Furry and fun, this one is sure to please the littlest costume lovers!

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Charming StinkerLike a rather specific cartoon character, your toddler thinks of themselves as quite the charmer. With a smirk on their face, twinkle in their eye, or change in their tone they love to approach a situation and turn it to their advantage. That toy their sibling is playing with? Totally meant to be theirs. And thanks to their suave manner, you’ve never heard a fight break out when they take it for themselves. That fresh batch of cookies for the school bake sale, is impossible not to share with to them—though that means you’re a few short of a perfect 5 dozen and will wind up with an odd number to sell.Don’t get us wrong, we know they’re not getting away with everything. You’ve called their tail back into the room to clean up the disaster they caused while trying to catch their very frightened cat. And they’ve hung their head when told they need to giveup their sibling’s birthday present. But, your toddler has a knack for achieving their goals and their misfortunes simply pale in comparison to their successes.Design & DetailsNow your little stinker can dress the part with this Made by Us Toddler Skunk Costume from our talented team of designers! Inspired by our favorite black and white cartoon mischief-maker, this plush ensemble is comprised of a super-soft, velour bodysuit with an attached tail and separate, but included, headpiece. The centered zipper on the back of the body suit makes getting dressed easy, while the attached paw-shaped shoe covers allow your kiddo to wear their most comfortable shoes without distracting from the look of the costume.Grow with ConfidenceWhether they’re heading out for some trick-or-treating or starring in the woodland-themed school play, your toddler is sure to feel extra confident! So, encourage that charm of theirs and maybe pop on a couple of those classic cartoons to inspire their adorably cheeky personality to keep growing.

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