Christopher Columbus/Explorer Costume for Kids


Sail ships to discover America with the Christopher Columbus/Explorer Costume for Kids! This child Christopher Columbus/Explorer costume is a great look for history buffs!

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Lookin’ for SpicesSo, he’s a little bit of an adventurer, but the question remains… just what is he going to happen when he sets sail? Does he have the gumption to take 3 of the Queen’s finest ships to a new world? Will he charter in a new era of western civilization? Or will he just be upset when he finds out there’s no WiFi on the Santa Maria? We’re kidding, of course, because odds are he’s not going to be leading any famous expeditions in the near term. But, when your little guy or gal has this detailed Christopher Columbus costume, they’re sure to feel capable of setting sail in search of adventure… and five bar WiFi!Product DetailsThis historical costume is perfect to portray Columbus or any other character from the 15th century! With a puffy cap-sleeved coat and brilliant blue tunic combination (a look that was all the rage in Chris Columbus’s time!), any child will be able to effortlessly slip back in history. And since the jacket/tunic/undershirt is a one-piece combination, it’s comfortable and super easy to wear. All polyester construction and Hook and Loop fastener tab closures mean your little one is going to be able to prepare for their school play or Halloween adventure with comfort and ease. Get this detailed costume to let any little one prepare to sail the ocean blue!

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