Kids Poodle Socks


Wear a 50s pop culture icon with these Child Poodle Socks! They’re great with any of our poodle skirts and sock hop costumes. Perfect for showing off the throwback dance moves of the 50s.

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It’s no mystery why kids still like dressing up in poodle skirts. They are fun, frilly, and conjure up images and memories of a more innocent era of American history. Plus, they have cute poodle designs stitched into them! Girls liked wearing these in the 50’s because the simple stylized designs were easy to make at home, and many Hollywood starlets sported the same look. Even though the designs varied, and may not have even been poodles, they were all still known as “poodle skirts.” Your little sock hopper will definitely want to be sporting a pair of these Poodle Socks when they head to a retro dance. These soft polyester socks fold down at the ankles to display a poodle design, and are a fun style that pairs nicely with a matching poodle skirt. These playful socks also make a great accessory to other 50’s styles, like with a greaser costume, or any other vintage outfits. With socks this cute, there are no wrong answers!

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