Queen Guinevere Costume for Girls


Your girl shouldn’t settle for being princess when she can be the monarch! This child Queen Guinevere costume brings the regal look that wins hearts at any Renaissance festival.

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Why be a princess, when you can be a queen? Guinevere is the not only some maiden in a tower, waiting for a handsome hero. She married King Arthur, the guy who put together the roundtable and founded Camelot. She spent a lot of time wandering through the forests of ancient England. We’re not sure what we did there but we have a feeling she probably learned a few coin tricks from Merlin the wizard and learned to dive in cold water from the lady of the lake. Camelot was chock full of interesting characters, there was no reason the good ol’ Gwen had to be bored in a tower!This elegant medieval-style gown will make little girls feel powerful while looking regal. The dress has a luxurious texture with a lovely light green color. The skirt goes down to the ankles as is proper for Medieval royalty and has pleats for twirl factor at balls. Little girls will love curtsying while wearing the hook and eye touch strip attached mesh cape because they’ll feel like royalty. Plus, the sheer fabric billowing behind her will make for a truly splendid entrance. Whether she’s dancing or stringing a bow, the cheer sleeves give her a ladylike flair, paired with the tiara the look will be perfectly complete. Whether this gown is for the Renaissance fair, a princess themed birthday party, or for Halloween, your little girl is sure to love it. Don’t be surprised when she puts it on, again and again, revisiting the wonderful world of Camelot!

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