Marie Antoinette Girls Costume


Dress your child in this historical Marie Antoinette Girls Costume this Halloween. It features a pink bloomed dress with floral embroidery.

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Queen of QuantityMarie Antionette is most known for her love of the extravagant. Her lush tastes applied to everything. She was so into desserts that she brought her personal chocolate maker with her when she moved to Versailles to marry Louis XVI. He created groundbreaking desserts just for the queen and her cohort. She lived in one of the most extravagant palaces in Europe but once she got sick of remodeling the grounds over and over again, she had a provincial farm town built just for her. She and her friends would dress up in maids clothes and pretend to take care of the animals. The, of course, there was her style. Her luxurious look has been gushed over for centuries. Her hair style dictated what all the ladies of Europe would wear from years to come. And yes, eventually her changing fashions caught up with her. But hey, we’re still copying her royal look today with gorgeous costumes like these ones!Product Details & DesignThis silky pink dress is sure to drop your fancy kid’s jaw. It’s Made-By-Us, lush with details lovingly researched by our in-house designers. The top has a ruched collar and three-quarter length sleeves that end with a bell. That top is embroidered with bright colored vines and flowers. The embroidered panels jut over the full-length skirt, making this ensemble perfect for your child’s Versailles debute. Curtsy to the KidYour child might change a little now that she knows what it’s like to be royal. Hopefully, your neighbors know to curtsey and bow as she trick-or-treats through the neighborhood. If not, Marie Antionette will probably forgive them due to their sweet treats. Want to make her royal look complete? Top off her ensemble with a tall wig and a dainty fan. Now you just need to learn to say Happy Halloween in French! 

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