Ninjago Katana Accessory


Battle like your favorite Ninjago ninjas with this Ninjago Katana Accessory. Officially licensed, foam with a plastic coating, no ninja costume is complete without it.

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The First NinjaDo you remember when ninja LEGOs first came out? Wait, we’re not talking about Ninjago here. We’re talking about the days even before Ninjago. It happened back in 1998. We remember strolling down the LEGO aisle to peruse the new sets… and there they were. Glorious LEGO sets, filled with ninja and samurai locked in a never-ending battle. Frankly, it blew our mind and part of the reason was due to a brand new LEGO weapon that came with the sets. We could finally outfit our LEGO minifigures with real katanas instead of using pirate cutlasses. Then, Ninjago came around and brought us even more ninja weapons!Product DetailsWell, now you can outfit yourself or your child with this Ninjago Katana Toy Weapon! Based on the toy weapon that every LEGO minifigure wants to wield. The weapon accessory has a stiff core with foam exterior that sculpted into the shape of a katana. It measures 18 inches long and a comfortable handle. You don’t even need those horseshoe-shaped hands like LEGO figures to hold it! Just pair it up with any of our LEGO Ninjago costumes for an authentic look based on the shinobi world of LEGO.

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