Kid’s Evil Jester Costume


This Kids Evil Jester Costume comes in sizes small to x-large, and is a delightfully scary twist on a classic theme.

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Jesters are fun, right?! They’re like if someone took a clown, an acrobat, and a stand up comedian, and squished them together into a one-man party starter. What if a little “evil” got mixed in there, too? We don’t want to think about how spooky that would be, but your kid can dress up in this Evil Jester Costume and spread some scares instead of laughs!Being an evil jester takes more than just a freaky outfit and mask. It takes a mischievous attitude, and a real sense of what gives people the heebie jeebies. Your little scare-er can’t expect to have everyone’s hair standing on end on their first day. Like anything worth doing right, it’s going to take practice. But, evil jesters are more than just scary, otherwise they would just be regular old monsters. They also have to be kinda funny, like they creep people out while making them laugh nervously as they back away. That’s the really tough part of being a scary trickster. We can’t think of a good example of this (like we said before, we don’t like thinking about how spooky they are) but once your kid is dressed up in this costume, we bet they’ll figure out the perfect balance between silly and scary in no time.This costume is sure to add the right vibe to your little one’s creepy court jester routine. The black and red colors on the outfit seem innocent enough, but one look at the devilish skull mask will make everyone nervous about their next trick. Will they do a juggling act, or tell a joke, or something much more sinister? Whatever it is, it’ll be a scream!

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