Disney Wall-E Kids Costume


Your little one will make the cutest robot in the Wall-E Kids Costume. Maybe they will even save the planet and so much more with this one! This costume is perfect for Halloween.

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A Job with BenefitsWall-E’s job doesn’t have many perks. It’s lonely. He doesn’t have any other robots to relate to until that smooth space robot comes down to check on the status of earth. But her still makes the best of his existence. He takes care of his pet cockroach, times time to soak up the sun, and gathers all sorts of treasures from rubber duckies to a velvet jewelry box (once he got that pesky diamond ring outta there!). Wall-E’s most beautiful treasure? A tiny sapling he found growing in a refrigerator that he decided to nurture, knowing deep down in his gears that it was something special. Product DetailsThis officially-licensed Wall-E costume features a soft body tunic that simply slips over your child’s head, robot pincher gloves, and a headpiece with Wall-E’s expressive eyes printed on the front. The body has the robot’s tank-like feet attached to the sides and all sorts and tech and rust printed on the surface. You can pair this costume with your child’s own clothes, which makes it a great choice for a range of temperatures. When all the parts are combined together, you can be sure your little robot will embrace their new role!Trash CollecterYour toddler and the last robot on earth have more in common than you might think. The number one similarity? Trash collecting. Give a kid a pocket and they’ll find things to put in it. From candy wrappers to sticks and shiny rocks, they all go away until you find their treasures before throwing their pants in the wash for the night. Whether it’s your kids love for all things growing, a love of trash collecting, or simply a love for this Disney/ Pixar hit that’s inspiring you to look for a Wall-E costume, we’re sure your kiddo will be delighted when they transform into this iconic trash-collecting, life-nurturing, love-seeking robot!

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