Minecraft Creeper Block Head Mask for Adults


Finish off your costume this Halloween season with this Minecraft Creeper Block Head Mask for Adults. YourCreeper costume would not be complete without this head piece.

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Straight to the PointWouldn’t it be great to live in a world where everything was named after its true nature? In this scenario, oatmeal raisin cookies would be called “Disappointments.” Sports teams’ mascots would be named “Creepy Almost-Clowns.” Well, the world isn’t perfect, and sometimes it just isn’t polite to call things by what they’re really like, but that’s what makes the Minecraft Creepers so great. They’re called Creepers because they’re creepy monsters…and they like to creep up behind you and kill you by exploding themselves. You know exactly where you stand with them! Product Details Strike terror into the hearts of Minecraft fans everywhere this Halloween with this officially licensed Minecraft Creeper Block Head Mask! The mask’s panels attach to each other to form a three-dimensional box shape decorated with the Creeper’s famous scowl. The eyes and mouth are made of mesh and serve as viewing ports so that you can chase miners to your heart’s content. Out with a Bang Creepers might be, well, creepy, but they do have their uses. For instance, they’re really good at exploding on command. Although we know the mask looks realistic, it’s not that realistic. Please don’t attempt at home.  

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