Red Suspenders for Adults


Don’t be a wise guy. You’re going to need a pair of Red Suspenders to complete your gangster costume! Without them you’re just another chump!

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The SuspenseDon’t hold us in suspense! These red suspenders (see what we did there? Pretty clever huh? … okay okay, it wasn’t that clever) are the perfect way to bring suspender fashion back into… fashion. Why? Because they’ll hold up over time. But seriously, suspenders are a great, under-appreciated look. Maybe you want to dress like a 1920s gangster, one of Al Capone’s goons, well red suspenders would make that menacing gangster look really pop. Or maybe you want to be a clown and want something funny to snap for the kids. Then snap these! Or you’ve just been cast as the lead in a production of Godspell, well, these suspenders are perfect.Product DetailsBut a costume isn’t necessary to pull these off. They pull themselves off and pull together any outfit, whether you’re at church, at a wedding, or at the mall! Why are you wearing suspenders at the mall? Why not! Because they look great! They’re made out of a polypropylene blend that’s designed to stretch and it even has adjustable straps.

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