Sitting Reaper Decoration


Have a seat next to death himself this Halloween with our exclusive Sitting Reaper Hanging Decoration! This spooky reaper prop is the perfect addition to your Halloween decoration collection.

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Slay-cationDay in and day out, reapers are in the field. In their line of work, it’s always harvest season. But after another season of gathering souls, even a reaper gets bone tired. So, smelling rotten like the day’s work and ready to bury it all, this grim reaper found the first available place to rest, your front porch.We’d say it’s fine to be nervous with a reaper at your doorstep, but this weary traveler is simply looking for a place to enjoy a vacation from slaying. After all, it’s Halloween, and every ghost, goblin, and ghoul deserves to take a break from their creepy careers to celebrate. So, take a deep breath and let this sleepy specter hang around for a while. If nothing else, it makes a spooktacular decoration!Design & DetailsSummon some Halloween spirit to your scary display when you order this Made By Us Sitting Reaper Hanging Decoration! Robed in tattered black mesh fabric, this skeletal grim reaper can’t wait to chill out at your humble abode. Hanging from the ceiling with the attached loop and posed to hold the ropes of its personal swing, this ghastly ghoul appears half playful! Leave it to swing away the chilly October nights in peace or supply it with the appropriate batteries to get theeyes glowing green while trick-or-treaters collect tasty sweets!Rest for the WickedThis reaper is ready to rest in peace after centuries of scaring the souls right out of people. Give it a moment to pause and enjoy the fun parts of the spooky season when you welcome this exclusive Sitting Reaper Decoration home! Hung from porch or tree, this grim guest is sure to enjoy a swing in the fall breeze!

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