E=MC2 Wig & Mustache Set


With this E=MC2 Wig & Mustache Combo, you’ll be running around screaming, Eureka, I’ve found it! Now if only you could remember what is exactly that you found…

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What is it with the fact that people with crazy hair end up be just as smart as their hair is ridiculous. Maybe it’s the number of volts of electricity that amped their minds up and gave them a permanent case of that static style sitting on their noggin or maybe those insane dos are actually aliens that have taken over their minds and are much smarter than the average human. Of course let’s not forget the mustache either. People brave enough to wear this combination of the two out in public better be brave enough to take on the thrones of screaming fans hoping to get a little bit of their wisdom as they pass by. It’s totally not because you’ll look absolutely silly wearing it at all. We think it’s actually starting to catch on it’s just that possessing powder white curly hair and an inhumanly thick mustache is a difficult combination of genes to come by. What do you think we are, scientists?

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