Kids Care Bears Grumpy Bear Zip Up Knit Sweater


The Child Care Bears Grumpy Bear Zip Up Knit Sweater is the perfect gift for the grumpy bear in your life!

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Cranky in Care-a-LotSunshine and rainbows are great and all but all that cheer can be a little overwhelming. That is Grumpy Bear comes in. He’s not a jerk, he just has a pragmatic attitude! Naturally cheery bears can’t make us feel better as well as Grumpy can. Grumpy understands people who don’t live in Care-A-Lot have their ups and downs. Sometimes cheer is interrupted by missing the school bus or a pop quiz. That’s why it’s nice to bring Grumpy Bear along on a chilly day. No matter what might pop up, good or gloomy, your kid can zip up this Care Bear sweater and know they’re not alone.Your kiddo will love zipping into this fun and cozy licensed Care Bear sweater. Since this sweater is Made by Us, you can be sure that the high-quality knit will be a comfy staple in any kid’s wardrobe. The licensed Care Bear sweater features Grumpy Bear’s cloud on icon the belly, diamonds around the shoulders. The sweater is finished with a hood that has little ears to help your little one channel their inner Care Bear. Cause whether your kid is feeling grumpy or cheery, every day can use a little more care!

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