Deluxe PJ Masks Kid’s Gekko Light Up Costume


Bust out the super gekko muscles with this PJ Masks Kids Gekko Deluxe Light Up Costume. Officially licensed and modeled after Grey’s scaly nighttime alias, with mask and tail!

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Super Gecko Powers!As the youngest member of the team, Gekko has a lot to prove. Luckily his enormous Gekko strength and his amazing ability to blend perfectly with any environment are up to the task! Whenever a villain braves the night to try and steal something, Greg is there with the team in Gekko form ready to save the day.The list of powers at Gekko’s disposal is impressive. He is able to imitate the natural abilities of a half dozen natural lizards. The ability of the Komodo dragon to lift extremely large and heavy objects is one Gekko’s favorite powers. He also has the ability of a gecko (naturally) to climb walls and other surfaces with his sticky feet. He is able to blend into any background, just like a chameleon. Perhaps the most impressive ability is Gekko’s mastery of shields. His Super Gekko Shields gives Gekko two shields attached to his arms, which he uses to deflect strikes against him and protect his friends. All in all, he is one heroic gekko-themed superhero!Product DetailsThis officially licensed PJ Masks Kids Gekko Deluxe Light Up Costume is 100 percent polyester and polyurethane foam. The jumpsuit has hook-and-loop fasteners down the back with an elastic back waistband. The stuffed tail attaches to the jumpsuit with another hook-and-loop fastener. Foam shoe covers are sewn to the hem of the pants. There is an LED light located in a pocket behind the faux-patent-leather chest emblem, and the light requires three LR1131C button batteries (suit comes with demo batteries). A foam mask covers the upper half of the face with the PJ Mask Gekko face and is held securely with an elastic band around the back of the head.Gekko the HeroThe powers Greg wields as Gekko are incredible, so we recommend that each prospective Gekko be fully aware of the responsibilities of being a hero. Heroes should watch out for villains and thieves and immediately report any culprits to a trusted adult!

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