Boys Halo Master Chief Classic Costume


This Boys Master Chief Classic Costume has a look straight from the Halo video game series to your front door. Now put on your armor and go get some candy!!

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Love them or hate them, video games have become a staple in the lives of our kids. Even if you don’t always like that your kids are playing video games, it’s easy to like that they make our kids more creative and get their imaginations going. Every kid has a hero and for some kids it doesn’t come in the form of your traditional superhero character such as Batman or Superman, sometimes it’s someone a little more serious, like Master Chief from the Halo video game series.Do some damage as Master Chief this Halloween! If you love playing the video game, you’ll love bringing the game to life. Now you can be as threatening as ever by transforming into an extra-tall, faceless super-solider. Remember, you can’t be seen without your green armor and helmet. Since Master Chief rarely speaks, you get to decide his temperament while you wear this Boys Master Chief Classic Costume.This kid’s Master Chief costume comes with everything your child needs to transform into the video game character this Halloween. The polyester jumpsuit has a Hook and Loop fastener closure in the back for easy on and off. The mask, Master Chief’s signature look, is made from hard molded plastic with an elastic band that secures around the back of the head. If you want to complete the look, be sure to add a toy gun accessory and a pair of black costume boots! Your child will look just like his favorite character this Halloween with our affordable costume!

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