Adult Ovo Top Hat


Looking for a one-of-a-kind hat that will make you stand out above the crowd? You are sure to turn heads with this exclusive Adult Silver Ovo Top Hat!

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Run Away and Join the Cirque-usWhen you were little, you dreamed of flying through the air on a trapeze, living out of a caravan, traveling the country by train, and maybe riding an elephant or two. Of course, you have grown up since then, but then again, so has the circus! Now Cirque du Soleil dazzles and excites audiences with sophisticated shows that feature the most incredible performers, acts, and feats of human movement you’ve ever seen. And now? You’re back on the circus train. To really get you started on your new journey, try slipping on this Cirque du Soleil Ovo Top Hat and trying the gig on for size! If you put it on and feel immediately invigorated, maybe you’ve found your life’s true calling. Maybe you’re ready to quit your job in finance, buy a bunch of leotards, and sign yourself up for gymnastics classes. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll see your dreams come true on the big stage someday soon!Product DetailsThis officially licensed cap takes its look from the bug-inspired show, Ovo, and features a wire-edged brim and a stiff top panel for shape, while the sides remain soft. The lining has an adjustable size band, as well! 

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