Power Rangers Deluxe Green Ranger Costume for Women


Join the other Rangers and fight your way to victory in this Women’s Power Rangers Deluxe Green Ranger Costume. You’ll rule the galaxy.

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Changing stylesThe fashion world is always changing. Trends come and go, taking the world by storm before just as quickly disappearing. What was universally acknowledged as “hip” in the 1990s is painfully out-of-date now.Take the Power Rangers, for example. When they first back-flipped their way onto the television scene in 1993, everyone loved their iconic costumes: head-to-toe spandex outfits in overly saturated colors. Fresh! Daring! Innovative! But time marches on, and so do fashion trends. As the years progressed, the Rangers were style savvy enough to know they had to continually reinvent themselves and utilize the newest fashion craze. Over the years, they’ve updated their costumes countless times, sometimes to the praise and sometimes to the scorn of the fashion community. But fashion is all about taking risks, even if they don’t always pay off. The time the Rangers all wore bedazzled costumes with see-through plastic gloves and boots was a low point in the group’s history.Maybe they can find fashion redemption with their newest costume design. They need something big and bold, while still paying homage to their roots. What about using their classic color scheme but pairing it with something totally out of the blue, like mini-dresses? No! It’s too crazy! Or… maybe it’s just crazy enough to work.Product DetailsLead your Rangers to victory with this Women’s Power Rangers Deluxe Green Ranger Costume. The costume takes elements from the classic Green Rangers costume and updates it with a modern twist. The green dress features white diamonds across the top and gold trim on the bottom, along with a golden shoulder embellishment. The dress also has a white belt with “Power Rangers” written on the buckle. The costume comes with green-and-white gloves and a green eye mask to protect your identity.Go, go, Power Rangers!With this Women’s Power Ranger Deluxe Green Ranger Costume, you’ll be ready to save the world in style… or just rock your next costume party!

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