Marvel Avengers Sticker


There was an idea called the Avengers Initiative. This Marvel Avengers logo sticker will make a super addition to your Avengers costume this Halloween!

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You’re an Avenger Now, TonyHave you ever thought about joining The Avengers? We have. But it’s not like a magical owl just comes to your house with an invitation to join them. Also, it might not actually be that great to be an Avenger. Most of those superheroes spend their time placing themselves in mortal danger, so it might not be the safest occupation. You really don’t want Ultron shooting some kind of death ray at you on a daily basis. Trust us on that one!What you really want is to have the status of an Avengers, without actually having the added responsibility of fighting supervillains every day. Maybe you just need an Avenger sticker instead of a full membership!Fun DetailsThis Marvel Avengers Sticker brings you the iconic symbol of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, but it’s in sticker form! It has an adhesive back, so you can place it on your backpack, your skateboard, or any place that just needs a little more Avengers style added to it.Honorary AvengerYou don’t need powers like Thor and you don’t need to be big and green like the Hulk. You don’t even need a superhero suit like Iron Man. All you need is this Avengers sticker and you’ll be an honorary member of the Avengers.

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