Adult Dog with Tongue Sublimated Face Mask


Have fun and stay safe with the Adult Dog with Tongue Sublimated Face Mask. Featuring a funny dog face that for sure going to put a smile on someone’s face!

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Puppy Power Ahh, to be a dog. What a marvelous carefree life! Few things other than the mailman ruffle a pooch’s joie de vivre. If it’s a rainy day, Fido doesn’t worry about canceled plans because he can’t wait to go dig in the mud puddles. His human master often leaves Spot alone for hours to go to work, but that just means that he’ll get an extra-joyous greeting when he returns home. A lesser creature might be sad that his food landed in the garbage but Rover….you know what, we’re not going to go there. You can fill in the details.Product Details A pooch’s zest for life will be yours when you wear your Adult Dog with Tongue Sublimated Face Mask! This super-soft face covering has a perky dog nose and face printed on the front. A pink tongue pants happily from the side of the mouth. Get ready to make others happy with your wagging tail – or bark “Squirrel!” and take off across the park. Whatever floats your boat!

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