Dragon Ball Z Child Bulma Costume


Searching for the Dragon Balls takes the intellect of Capsule Corp’s number one scientist! With this Dragon Ball Z Child Bulma Costume, your kid can help Goku and the gang on Namek.

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This outfit encapsulates everything right about your favorite anime show. Maybe a certain baseball-playing dreamboat is at the party. Maybe a certain pint-sized hunk is also there and you’re torn between hottie and haughty. Don’t worry- someone as smart as Bulma can figure it out no problem. Maybe you want to show that drab Chi-Chi in the corner who the real star of the show is. Maybe you don’t want a costume that takes five weeks just to put together. Whether you want to look smart, adventurous, tomboyish, feminine, or brave enough to smack a god, this costume has everything. And you don’t even have to gather the dragonballs in order to find it. You can order it from the comfort of your home. With the Dragon Ball Z Child Bulma costume, you’ll be DragonBALLIN’.The yellow dress with front zipper and elastic belt is of the highest quality 100% polyester interlock knit and foam, the very same materials the Capsule Corporation used to craft Bulma’s real suit. The tan boot covers with black accents will be as sturdy and flattering on you as they were on Bulma herself. What will really set you apart from all the other Bulmas, however, is the turquoise wig with Bulma’s hair style from the Namek episodes. In this Dragon Ball Z Child Bulma Costume, you’ll be ready for anything!

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