Child Zombie Sublimated Face Mask


This is a Child Zombie Sublimated Face Mask that will for sure give someone a freight! Stay safe this Halloween and scare everyone too!

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The Zombie ConundrumFor some reason, a lot of kids just seem to love gross stuff. Slimy snakes, slithering around in the grass, weird bugs that look like some kind of creature from another planet, and, of course, zombies. We’re not exactly sure where this fascination with the grotesque comes from, but it’s not really something that you can fight. That’s why we say… use it to your advantage! If your child is one of those kids that loves the creepy things that go bump in the night, then this Child Zombie Sublimated Zombie Face Mask may just be the perfect mask to get your child excited about wearing a face covering.Product DetailsThis simple mask is a great choice for any child that needs to wear a mask to help reduce the chance of spreading germs. The mask also doubles as a great way for your child to freak out their friends, because the front has a printed image of a zombie’s face, complete with bloody details and some gruesome teeth. Your child can wear it with their Halloween costume this year to be safe! (Note: this mask is not intended as a breathing device or a surgical mask.)

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